How lovely to see JAM2000 Agency's adorable little ones, Raye Cooper and Thea Bruce, sitting within photo frames on the mantlepiece throughout the series, in the brilliant, but very sad and true story on ITV, White House Farm.Playing the twin brothers as babies.  These photos were taken by the Art Department back in June 2018 with the main cast, which you can see here and just to show you how quickly babies grow up, here are the girls now in February 2020, looking as cute as ever!   

HEY DUGGEEWe are sure this 2018 Hey Duggee Dance Video will bring a smile to your face,
as grooving with the famous and fabulous Hey Duggee himself are Eloise Suffield,
Shyla Parmar, Dexter Burwell,
Samuel McDonald
and Summer Nettleford from JAM2000 Agency.

Happy Days!Often being unaware of what hard work and long days go into making these amazing scenes for all productions and often for a minute on our screens, or even less, but Sunday 9th February's episode on BBC1, 8 pm for Call the Midwife, clearly highlighted just this!A wonderful day was had by all from JAM2000 Agency, filmed in Uxbridge park on a beautiful sunny day last year, and here are some captured photos of not only our adorable 30 little babies, our so very pretty country dancers and our charming cubs, but also our amazing mummies (and nana), who though not performing with their little ones, were there on the sidelines, clearly feeling a pleased as punch, sharing such special moments.

How Exciting!As back in June 2018, beautiful identical twins,
Harry & Oscar Romp from JAM2000 Agency, performed in the feature film Doctor Doolittle starring Robert Downey Jnr.
…and here they are with mummy Charlotte and the man himself, capturing an amazing keepsake photo before going on set, having had Mr. Downey knock on their trailer door to introduce himself!  Happy days!

Photography courtesy of Louie Donovan Photography