How wonderful it was to see the beautiful little Harmonie Rose Allen, who is not so little anymore since performing for us on Call the Midwife series 6 back in October 2016 at just 2 years old, on Good Morning Britain being interviewed by Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan, as she has just completed half a marathon, raising money for the charity Harmonie's Little Angels!This is an amazing little girl, as when just a baby was rushed to hospital with meningitis. Losing all 4 limbs, Harmonie's vibrant personality is infectious to everyone, as always so happy and has a great sense of humour.  Harmonie is definitely a "HERO" in our eyes here at JAM2000 Agency and will always continue to be.   Well done Harmonie!Here's Harmonie with her co stars on set of Call the Midwife back in 2016, with Taylor Marshall, another "HERO" who we love here at JAM2000, who also suffered meningitis, as well as the character "Susan", played by Ezmai Rhodes Horne, whose head is cleverly placed on a special EFX doll when in post production. Ezmai attends performing arts classes here at JAM Splats!

What a fantastic experience was had by all onCall the Midwife Series 8!What special times were capture with our babies and with so many parents proud to see not only their little ones, but also their older children too.JAM2000 Agency is very privileged to be part of this highly acclaimed magnificent drama, having approximately over 200 children of all ages perform over a period of 6 months and now looking forward to working on series 9!

Rainbow Holiday Fun WorkshopAnother crazy, mad, busy and fun day was had by all at our Rainbow Holiday Fun Workshop on Wednesday 20th February here at The Windmill Studio Centre and of course, Jimmy the JAMtots Bear was there to join in as well.  Jimmy was very happy to see so many of his friends once again, so until the next time... check out the photos.Thanks for coming everyone!

What a little sweetheart this baby was in Sunday 17th February's, Call the Midwife, so tiny and very new born.This role was actually played by our adorable new born twins, at that time, Matilda & Max Howard.How they have grown since then!
see the more up to date photo below!
Such precious times and ones we are so pleased we can share with our wonderful and amazing parents here at JAM2000 Agency.

The brilliant dramaSilent Witnessis on BBC1 at the moment with many JAM2000 Agency performers popping up here and there, which is all very exciting, but did anyone else spot Josh Hennessey in the newspaper that one of the main actors was reading within the storyline??? We did!  Great photo Josh and what a hero!

JAM2000 Agency kids were slipped onto the new set ofJohnny English Strikes Againand here they are, basking in the sunshine, playing children from a private school that Johnny English, played by Rowan Atkinson, happened to visit within the storyline.  Another amazing experience was had by all!

Mrs WilsonBBC1Based on a true story that relates back to the main actress, Ruth Wilson's grandmother, who husband lived in a world of dark and troubling secrets, was filmed in Ireland, apart from one week filmed here in London.Baby Harper Graham, toddler Reggie Francis, plus children Francesca Palmer, Georgia Clifford and Toby Briscoe were all very privileged to be part of this wonderful drama production.If you have missed it, check out this 3 part series on BBC iplayer.

Peek a Boo …I See You 3With just ten JAMtots sessions left before our festive week, whose next to find Jimmy!?Our very own "Raye of Sunshine" from Thursday's Baby Musical Tots this morning, just wanted a warm winters snuggle with Jimmy the JAMtots Bear!Are you joining us for our Friday Parent and Toddler sessions?If so, look out for our mini Jimmy!

Romeo Hadley
Standing Strong!
Here at JAM2000 Performing Arts & Agency, we are so happy to hear Romeo Hadley based in Cardiff, now has new legs, which is fantastic news!Having performed for us on Call the Midwife back in 2016 within the story line set back in the 1960's when pregnant woman were given a drug to stop morning sickness and with his first on screen appearance, played a little boy who lost limbs from this drug, but in real life, his reasons for having his legs amputated were completely different.Back in January 2015 Romeo was admitted to hospital after complaining of pain in his legs and buttocks, on checking he seem to have patches of bruising, so was rushed to A&E where he was diagnosed with Purpura Fulminans, a rare thrombotic disorder which is extremely serious and life threatening.  This is triggered with flu like symptoms, though they never discovered what infection he actually had. Romeo was in hospital for 6 months, having had to have his legs removed to save his life.Romeo is such a happy and brave young boy who loves life and his parents were understandably emotional wrecks when his school forwarded the footage of him walking with his new prosthetic legs, "It was a bitter sweet moment and everything he achieves, we are so very proud of," say his parents Katie and Jon and so are we here at JAM2000.Romeo quotes that he is now as tall as his friends and not only does he have an amazing sense of humour, but is loving his new Adidas trainers!GO ROMEO!!!  WE ARE ALL BEHIND YOU!

Peek a Boo …I See You 2Where's mini Jimmy the JAMtots Bear hiding this time???Remember he's keeping a close eye on all you little ones, making sure you are being kind to your friends before Christmas.Remember, sharing is caring!.With just eleven JAMtots sessions left before our festive week, whose next to find Jimmy!?Little "Macie" from Wednesday's Musical Tots this morning, spotted Jimmy in with the Incy Wincy Spiders.  Well done Macie!

People Just Do NothingKicking Off…Doing Karate!The second episode of the fifth and final series of the hilarious BBC comedy 'People Just Do Nothing' saw lots of JAM2000 Agency performers
kicking off...doing karate!
Great for Freya Wallis, who last year had a small featured part as Carly, and this year had a bigger part - acting and speaking – with Carly's role having been expanded.In the leisure centre karate club scene, Freya was performing alongside others from JAM2000 Agency including Maya Larholm and Ryan McMahon, pictured here. JAM2000 Agency also played an important part in licensing all the other children from a martial arts club so they could perform in this scene.'People Just Do Nothing' is a sitcom based on the lives of pirate radio Kurupt FM DJs MC Grindah, DJ Beats and DJ Steves and their manager Chabuddy G as they attempt to broadcast the illegal station from a tower block in West London.It is airing on Mondays on BBC Two at 10pm, with JAM2000 Agency performers popping up at every turn!The first three episodes are currently available on iPlayer.

Peek a Boo …I See YouNo need for an Elf on the Shelf when there's a Mini Jimmy the JAMtots Bear in a festive jacket hiding away, keeping a watchful eye on his lovely little JAMtots friends to make sure they are being 'nice' before Christmas.With just 12 JAMtots sessions left before we break up for Christmas, Jimmy is choosing a different hiding place each day.
Today it was in a tunnel at Gymtots!
Great hiding Jimmy.And look who found him - Nora! Great finding Nora.Tomorrow Jimmy will be hiding somewhere else, watching all the boys and girls so he can tell Santa they have been super good.

Chance of a LifetimeWhat an absolute honour and a privilege for JAM2000 Agency to have played a part in the 2018 John Lewis Christmas advert, The Boy and the Piano, starring none other than the original Rocket Man himself, Sir Elton John!With the classic hit ‘Your Song’ playing as the backing track throughout the two minute twenty second ad, the story begins in present day and works backwards chronologically through Elton’s life, right until the moment he received the special gift of his grandmother’s piano that changed his life forever - “because some gifts are more than just a gift."What a fantastic experience for our JAM2000 lads to be involved in such an iconic commercial.It really doesn’t get much better than this – a fantastic Christmas present and brilliant boost for JAM2000 Agency.

Radio Pirates on the TVThe fifth and final series of the hilarious BBC comedy People Just Do Nothing is now airing on Mondays on BBC Two at 10pm, with plenty of action from JAM2000 Agency performers along the way.People Just Do Nothing is a sitcom based on the lives of pirate radio Kurupt FM DJs MC Grindah, DJ Beats and DJ Steves and their manager Chabuddy G as they attempt to broadcast the illegal station from a tower block in West London.In this week’s episode, in which Kurupt FM start to stream their radio station over the internet, we see the beautiful Atkins twins, Freya & Kiera, taking it in turns to play the child of one of the lead actors. Great performance Freya & Kiera!There is also an appearance by JAM2000 stalwart Damilare Akinmokum, who has a funny part to play as a child ‘with shoes’ at a car boot sale.Switch on and you’ll see lots of our performers pop up in the weeks to come.

Living the dream is former JAM2000 Agency performer turned international top model, Saffron Vadher.Harrow girl Saffron, 21, who graces the front cover of the December 2018 issue of British Vogue, made no secret of the fact when she joined JAM2000 Agency at 15 that her heart was set on being a model.Stunning: Saffron Vadher's JAM2000 Agency photo by Louie DonovanStanding at 5ft 9 ins, of Anglo-Indian heritage and sultry good looks, it’s not surprising that Elite London snapped her up when she walked through their doors to audition a few years ago. Until then she had been working at her local Domino’s Pizza!Today it’s the international jet set lifestyle for Saffron – flitting between runway shows in Milan, Paris and London and posing for glossies like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.If Saffron’s story is anything to go by, it’s fair to say that when you sign up to JAM2000 Agency, you never know where the journey will take you!

WOW! Winners!
The Lewis Family
Christmas has come early for the Lewis Family, winners of JAM2000's charity raffle which raised a hefty £350!JAMtots regulars Poppy, three, and one-year-old Olivia together with mum Claire, dad Ioan and nan Meena, scooped the prize bonanza including sessions in personal training, acupuncture, Natural Healing, Pole and Aerial Hoop tasters, JAMtots sessions, Champagne, JAM2000 hoodies, pamper yourself treats, kids' toys and sweets!!!
Thank you to everybody who donated prizes and bought raffle tickets. The money raised will help go towards supporting families at Tunbridge Wells and Pembury Hospital Neonatal Unit, where another JAMtots baby, beautiful Raye Copper, was born eight weeks premature last year.Here's dad with his adorable girls in reception trying to figure out how he is going to take all the goodies home with him!

I SpySo Exciting for JAM2000 Agency’s Alex Elliott Stone and Amelia Hadley to appear in last night’s episode of the BBC drama thriller The Little Drummer Girl, based on the spy novel by John Le Carré.Starring Florence Pugh, Michael Shannon, Alexander Skarsgard and Charles Dance, this 1970’s tale of international plots and espionage is produced by the same team behind the highly-acclaimed BBC adaption of Le Carré’s The Night Manager.In yesterday’s episode Alex and Amelia could be seen playing German children – Amelia showing off some superb skipping skills and Alex running around like a whirlwind!  Lots more JAM2000 Agency performers should pop up in the remaining episodes of this prestigious drama in the coming weeks.

Wet Wet WetIt as been another couple of bumper weeks for JAM2000 performers and their parents who having been making a splash in the BBC Four drama ‘There She Goes’.  Episodes 3 and 4 saw JAM2000 Agency out in force in the swimming and paddling pools scenes with mums and dads getting in on the action too!Little did they know when registering their child with JAM2000 Agency that every so often they'd be performing too previous acting experience required.A little nerve-wracking, may be, but how wonderful to get to share this experience with their child. Really interesting too!There She Goes, starring actor David Tennant, is a drama about raising a child with learning difficulties.  Congratulations to our gorgeous twins, Eloise and Rory Blake, who did a wonderful job taking it in turns to play main character Rosie at 6 months old.The final episode in the series is on Tuesday (13th November) at 10pm.

Our Cute Super Stars…Super cute twin boys Harry and Christopher Mace from Enfield, North London, only came into this world on 5th April this year and already they have a pretty long list of TV credits to their names performing for JAM2000 Agency.Most of these productions we cannot mention as they
haven't yet aired, but one we can shout about is BBC Four series 'There She Goes', in which Harry and Christopher take it in turns to play disabled Rosie as a little baby.
In case you were wondering, it's very common for baby boys to play girls and vice versa when they are so little and no one can tell the diffference anyway.Lots of JAM2000 Agency children, babies and mums appear in this comedy drama on Tuesdays at 10pm. Special times and wonderful memories for all involved.

JAM2000 drama students played to packed houses
over three nights last week with their live comedy
‘The Madmill Studio Centre’, depicting the funny and often surreal side of life at The Windmill Studio Centre.
With the Windmill Studio Centre celebrating its 10th anniversary, Director Judy McPhee drew on her personal experiences of a decade in charge of such a busy, diverse and at times bonkers business environment, to write, produce and direct The Madmill Studio Centre.Near on 40 JAM2000 drama students aged 6 - 17 years acted their hearts out portraying a range of characters, some made up others true to life! These included a completely crackers group of vodka-loving school teachers (played by the Monday 7pm drama class) who send their disrespectful, unruly, self-centred teenage students off to find a part-time job in the hope they might develop some all-important life skills and respect.    The storyline follows these mobile-phone obsessed, ‘snowflake’ teenagers (played by the Monday 5.30pm drama class) – some of whom are bright and fit for the world of work, others desperately dim and fit for nothing and a group whose parents tell them they are simply too precious to get a job – as they apply for the role of a Party Assistant at The Windmill Studio Centre.The Windmill Studio Centre team (played by the youngest members of the cast, the Monday 4.30pm drama class) include a lipstick-clad blonde receptionist (possibly resembling our Carol Roques?) and a dark-haired super-efficient boss (possibly resembling Judy McPhee?) as they prepare to hold interviews.This fast-paced, beautifully-timed comedy had the audiences in stitches including Deputy Mayoress Mary O'Connor MBE and Deputy Mayor Councillor David Yarrow (his third JAM2000 drama production) who attended Thursday night's performance as guests of honour, with Cllr Yarrow congratulating all performers and commenting how our shows have an extraordinary habit of “taking you to another world”.The live drama production 2018 was the culmination of seven weeks of rehearsals including two solid weekends in the run up to show week.It was also wonderful for audiences and performers to see the final cut of ‘Cell by Date’, the equally mad JAM2000 drama film 2018 about a group of coffee thieves (and a doll) who found themselves in the clanger sporting fetching orange boiler suits.With a guest appearance by JAM2000’s Ollie Roques, the film was shot in and around Ruislip Manor and Ruislip during the summer term. Several scenes were even filmed in the cells at Ruislip Police Station! Students also had opportunity to perform in front of a green screen and make a pop video to accompany the film.The end of the film linked cleverly back to the live stage production where the performers acted out the closing scene complete with an unpredictable yet inevitable twist!   Well done everyone who took part in the live production and film...great memories, experiences and dare we mention the words
…life-skills…and respect…quite possibly too!?
   JAM2000 Performing Arts, (drama and dance classes) for children aged 2½ - adults, is about making new friends, developing confidence, learning to be a team-player and sharing wondering experiences and opportunities. Apart from also enjoying bucket loads of laughs, JAM2000 Performing Arts is about being part of some of the biggest and best productions that are truly like no other!If of interest, please visit our website www.thewindmillstudio.comEmail 01895 624755

JAM2000 Agency's Connie in Live TV Halloween DramaNerves of steel are required for live TV drama, making experienced JAM2000 Agency performer 11-year-old Connie Wilkins perfect for the job.Dressed as a Victorian girl, Connie could be seen, well sort of, playing a ghost in Sunday night’s special live Halloween edition of Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith’s award-winning anthology Inside No.9 on BBC Two at 10pm.Connie was involved in a full weekend of costume fittings and rehearsals ahead of the live broadcast, which it’s reported shocked, confused, terrified and thrilled viewers in equal measure.The writers succeeded in tricking viewers into believing that the broadcast had been cancelled due to technical difficulties. But in typically twisted fashion, it transpired that the technical mix-up was all part of the show – which went on to feature a series of grisly ghosts (including our Connie), murders and a rather unlikely appearance from The One Show.Co-creator Reece Shearsmith posted a tweet while on TV that not only freaked everyone out but won the attention of Twitter! All in all, it’s fair to say our Connie has been part of one of the coolest pieces of British TV this year.The episode is now available to watch on BBC iPlayer if you missed it.

there they are…
with Doctor Who!!!
Lots of lovely JAM2000 Agency babies and their mums came face to face with Dr Who at a recent filming shoot for Jam2000 Agency!Probably because actor David Tennant had put his time travelling days behind him to concentrate on a here and how role as dad Simon the in the BBC Four comedy drama ‘There she Goes’ about raising a child with learning difficulties.Such a special experience for our beautiful babies and mummies Darcy-Marie & Louisa Dweulff- Booth, Lillian & Ho-Wen Chan, Aidan Igonifagha & Sabina Metcalf, Joss & Elizabeth Campbell and Raye & Jade Cooper all of whom did a brilliant job acting as if they were enjoying a mother and baby musical session in the local library.  Thankfully there was not a single monster or Dalek in sight!    This gorgeous gang are among dozens of JAM2000 Agency performers to appear in this funny yet thought-provoking production, the second episode of which was shown on Tuesday night at 10pm.    

Just to Inform You…If you haven’t yet caught the new BBC1 thriller ‘Informer’ on Tuesdays at 9pm on, you’re in for a treat.Informer is a collaboration between the BBC and Neal Street Productions, makers of Call the Midwife. This complex, nail-biting drama is superbly filmed in all corners of the capital with JAM2000 Agency performers popping up at every turn from wedding and school scenes to a mean game of football shot in nearby Ickenham.The storyline follows second-generation Pakistani East Londoner Raza, who is coerced by a Counter-Terrorism officer called Gabe to go undercover and inform for him.  The officer - who has a mysterious past - is joined by Holly, his new and ambitious partner who poses a threat to Gabe and the operation due to her curious nature. As the central investigation heats up, the stakes get higher and higher.Raza is played by newcomer Nabhaan Rizwan, who has had a successful stage career. Dead Men's Shoes’ star Paddy Considine plays Gabe and his partner Holly is played by Bel Powley, star of The Diary of a Teenage Girl.    Just some of the JAM2000 Agency performers who took part in Informer.
Above Connie Wilkins and Hadley Cadogan-Dumrel.
Below Annabelle Adeyemi and Rahul Radia.
      Included in the star-studded cast is Sunetra Sarker from Broadchurch, Sharon D Clarke from Holby City, Jessica Raine from Wolf Hall and Roger Jean Nsengiyumva from Sixteen.The series is directed by Johnny Campbell whose credits include episodes of WestWorld and The Casual Vacancy. One of the executive producers is director Sam Mendes and the Homeland-style thriller has been written by newcomers Rory Haines and Sohrab Noshirvani.So, another amazing production to add to JAM2000 Agency’s long list of credits.For those who like to binge-watch, the full six-part series
is already to view on BBC iPlayer.

Harper Concludes Vanity FairWhat a wonderful end to the primetime ITV period drama, Vanity Fair, with gorgeous little Harper Halligan appearing in the closing scene as the young daughter of the ever so handsome William Dobbin, played by actor Johnny Flynn.Such a privilege for JAM2000 Agency to be involved in this fabulous production.  A very big well done to everyone who took part.

Our Little Superstars!What a wonderful night it was on Sunday for JAM2000 babies Dexter Jefferson and Jem Donovan, little super stars of the primetime ITV period drama, Vanity Fair.Lots of airtime devoted to our gorgeous little ones, making their parents and JAM2000 Agency as proud as punch.

It Doesn't Get
Much Better Than This!
What a fantastic experience for three JAM2000 Agency performers – Olivia Harrison, Ellie McCarthy and Lyla Brady – to be appearing amongst a stella cast in the new ITV primetime period drama, Vanity Fair.The trio do a brilliant job playing plain, high society girls with little prospect of marriage alongside the likes of Olivia Cooke, Martin Clunes, Tom Bateman, Charlie Rowe, Suranne Jones and Frances de La Tour.This lavish seven-part TV adaptation of Vanity Fair - the classic 1848 novel by William Makepeace Thackeray - is made by the production company behind Poldark and Victoria …so British drama at its best.In the latest episode we also caught glimpses of JAM2000 Agency's Ronnie Evans and Zacaria Kara playing thieving raggamuffins...with Martin Clunes as Sir Pitt Crawley chasing after them!Many more of our performers will be appearing in episodes 3 - 7 over the coming weeks on Sunday nights on ITV at 9pm. The first two episodes are on Catch Up if you missed them.

Stepping Out
in Not Going Out
If you’re a fan of BBC1 sitcom Not Going Out, you may have spotted a group of JAM2000 Agency performers in the 6th episode of Series 9 in which lead characters Lee (Mack) and Lucy object to the school lollipop man handing out lollipops to the kids.It results in the lollipop man being sacked and parents and children – including Ben Harvey, Chloe Cary, Evie Hamilton, Zara Ali, Zia Forman and Mia Forman – having to negotiate crossing the main road with their on-screen parents by themselves.The good news is they survived to tell the tale.Well done everyone!

Keith & Paddy's VersionVery well done to the choir boys from Reed’s School, Surrey, for doing such a fantastically funny job performing on behalf of JAM2000 Agency in The Keith and Paddy Picture Show on Saturday evening on ITV.If you haven’t caught it, The Keith & Paddy Picture Show
is a six-part sketch show, which pays humorous tribute to Keith Lemon and Paddy McGuinness' favourite films.
The second series kicked off with the duo’s hilarious take on Top Gun featuring a host of celebrity guests including Keith Allen, Sarah Parish, Marc Warren, Paul Chuckle and Kriss Akabusi .The Reed’s singers, dressed as dashing young navy pilots, stole the show with their rendition of You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling.Other blockbusters that will get the Keith and Paddy treatment
in the coming weeks are Grease, Jurassic Park, Pretty Woman,
Terminator 2
and Gremlins.
This is the second occasion Reed’s School singers have represented JAM2000 Agency, the first being on the highly-acclaimed Netflix production, The Crown 2, last year.

JAM2000… and the Credits
just keep on Coming!
Darcy Stanley and Eloise Suffield in Call the Midwife Series 7Each Sunday evening for eight solid weeks, JAM2000 Agency performers – new born babies, toddlers, children and teens - could be seen on our TV screens in the Series 7 of the award-winning BBC period drama, Call the Midwife.Oreofe and Damilare AkinmokunSo exciting for our performers, their friends and families to see on the box each week.  JAM2000 Agency is proud and privileged to be part of this production, which is loved by millions across the UK and around the world.Storm Adaser-Ratteray in Save MeSky Atlantic's new thriller, Save Me, went down a storm with viewers, which may have had something to do with the fact that JAM2000 Agency's very own Storm Adaser-Ratteray appeared in the role of kidnapped three-year-old, Jody.  Great work Storm.Nik Kozyrev as Pork Chop in This Country, Series 2JAM2000 Agency is hugely proud to have been part of Series 2 of the fantastically funny BBC3 ‘mockumentary’, This Country, which explores the modern lives of young people in the Cotswolds.The first series, in which JAM2000 Agency was also involved, was lauded by critics who compared it to celebrated comedies The Office and People Just Do Nothing. Featuring in both series was our very own funny man, Nik Kozyrev, in the role of 'Pork Chop'.Joanie Kent in Dr FosterSo fantastic that ITV’s Dr Foster, a production in which JAM2000 Agency has had the pleasure of being involved for a number of years, won Best Drama award at the National Television Awards 2018.Credit goes to scores of JAM2000 Agency performers who were involved in this compelling BBC's mystery-drama series with special mention going to the lovely little Joanie Kent who played Amelie, young daughter of lead actors Bertie Carvel (Simon Foster) and Jodie Comer who (Kate Parks).     Akhai Mehta and Rahul Radia in Next of KinOther recent productions include BBC1’s new six-part gritty science fiction series, Hard Sun. and ITV’s Trauma, a modern-day psychological thriller set in London about two fathers whose lives are changed forever by the tragic death of a child. Talking of ITV thrillers, Next of Kin was another prestigious production for us featuring our performers Akhai Mehta and Rahul Radia.     Twins Javan and Larella Williams-Brown who appear in WannabeLast but not least, twins Javan and Larella Williams-Brown appeared alongside their mum Charlene in the hilarious BBC Three (online) sitcom Wannabe, about failed singer Maxine (played by Bafta-winning People Just Do Nothing star Lily Brazier and co-writer of Wannabe), who desperately tries to cling on to her dream as manager of teenage pop group, Sweet Gyal.

What A Fantastic Evening for JAM2000 Agency PerformersThere will have been lots of proud parents watching the TV last night as the second episode of Series 7 of the award-winning BBC1 drama, Call the Midwife, was shown.How brilliant were JAM2000 Agency's Eloise Suffield, pictured above right, and little Darcy Stanley, playing the older children of Marjory in last night's gripping storyline? And who's that beautiful new-born babe in arms?  Well it's a bit hard to tell as we had twins Malik and Yusuf Ucar playing the role of Marjory's super cute new baby boy.A great night also for some of our older boys including Aidan Summerfield, George Frith, Richard Peel, Frederick Brown, Jamie Richards and Kallum Todd, who did a fantastic job playing loutish members of a school football team and thought it was funny when their coach's wife suddenly went into labour.  Great acting boys!Our lads getting their kit on in the changing rooms ready for the football matchOur lads taking the mickey out of their football coach when his wife suddenly goes into labourExciting also for the family of baby Ella Sinclair who last night played the role of Teddy, son of Dr Turner and his wife Shelagh, as the new glamorous au pair Magda arrived from Hungary.Lovely little Ella Sinclair in her starring role as Teddy yesterday eveningRoll on Episode 3 this Sunday at 8pm. We can't wait!

JAMFAM RaffleRaises £300Harmonie-RoseHuge thanks to everybody who donated raffle prizes and bought raffle tickets during the JAM2000 Dance Production 2017 at October half term.We’re thrilled to announce that thanks to your efforts and generosity we have raised £100 for each of the three amputee children that JAM2000 supports – Romeo Hadley, Harmonie-Rose Allen and Taylor Marshall.The money will help the families of the three children, whom we had the pleasure of getting to know during the filming of the Thalidomide storyline in Call the Midwife last year, to pay for essential items like prosthetics and wheelchairs etc.Well done and thank you so much JAM FAM for your continued support of these precious children!  Romeo & Taylor

Goodbye Christopher RobinHow fantastic that dozens of JAM2000 Agency performers appear in Goodbye Christopher Robin, that’s out in cinemas now!The feature film, directed by Simon Curtis and starring
Margot Robbie and Domhnall Gleeson, is about the story of
AA Milne and his son Christopher Robin, the inspiration behind his world-famous Winnie-the-Pooh books – and how this intertwining of fact and fiction impacted on their life and relationship.
Our performers appear throughout the film including a huge pageant scene, which involved numerous costume fittings at the historic Uxbridge department store, Randall’s – which was transformed into a New York-style toy store for this wonderful period film.With so many comings and goings, there was a lot of press speculation during the filming period about what was going on at Randall’s – and now we can spill the beans!Louis HarrisonWhile it would be wrong to mention some performers’ names and not others, we will nevertheless single out Louis Harrison, who played a key role as cast double for 8-year-old young Christopher Robin, Will Tilston.Congratulations Louis (who had longer hair at the time)
and to all our talented children.

Martha & MaddisonLittle Stars of People Just Do NothingCongratulations go out to two of our beautiful JAMtots babies, Martha Underwood and Maddison Neill, little super stars of the award-winning ‘mockumentary’ series, People Just Do Nothing.Martha and Maddison, both from Ruislip and regulars at JAMtots sessions here at The Windmill Studio Centre, doubled for one another throughout the intense, fast-paced and hilariously funny fourth series which has just finished airing on BBC’s iPlayer channel. It can be watched on BBC3 catch up if you missed it. Our cuties Martha & MaddisonDozens of JAM2000 Agency children performed including
Freya Wallis, who had a small speaking part in the series which charts the exploits of west London pirate radio station Kurupt FM and its crew, MC Grindah, DJ Beats and Chabuddy G.
Freya WallisWe’re ever so proud of Martha and Maddison and all of our children who performed in one of TV’s coolest and funniest programmes.

Three Girls– the most dramatic of dramasJAM2000 Agency gets involved in all kinds of productions – comedies, commercials, feature films and dramas...some dramas being more dramatic than others.Probably one of the most harrowing our agency has been involved in is Three Girls, which was shown after the 9pm watershed on BBC 1 over three consecutive evenings last week.The drama told the true story of three of almost 50 young girls who suffered appalling abuse at the hands of sex-grooming paedophile gangs in and around Rochdale, Greater Manchester, between 2008 and 2012.More than 35 JAM2000 girls provided head shots of themselves looking stern and a bit rough round the edges to make up a board of victims.

Didn't We Do Well!Phoebe Waller-Bridge in FleabagWe may not have had much of a showing on the red carpet or made it to too many after parties, but JAM2000 Agency is celebrating after doing well at the BAFTAs 2017!The annual awards event, which celebrates the best of British television, was held at the Royal Festival Hall in London earlier this week, with many of the winning and nominated productions featuring dozens of our performers.Cast of People Just Do NothingFor example, adult comedy People Just Do Nothing, scooped the prize for best scripted comedy.  Damilola, Our Loved Boy about the shocking death on the streets of south London of ten-year-old schoolboy Damilola Taylor won the award for best single drama while Phoebe Waller-Bridge won the prize for best female comedy performance in Fleabag.Cast of The WindsorsNominated productions that involved our performers included The Crown, The Windsors, MUM and The Durrells.Claire Foy in The CrownAlthough we did not win any prizes ourselves, we are proud JAM2000 Agency's contribution to all of these fantastic productions.

Sundays won't seem the SameSundays won’t seem the same now that
Call the Midwife Series 6 has finished.
Dozens of JAM2000 children and babies appeared in this series including angelic-looking Albie Kent, 5, who played the part of one of the Thalidomide victims in episode 7.Episode 8 featured Jessica Feeley, 7, (right below) and Emily Whittaker, 7, who appeared in a number of tear-jerking scenes.  Didn’t they do well?We also had adorable Georgia Gaffney, who appeared
in the closing scenes as Dr Turner and his wife Shelagh’s
new born baby BOY! Her sisters, Lily and Freya featured
in several scenes earlier in the series
– so a real family affair for the Gaffney family.

Our Call The Midwife StarsActress Liz White, who plays Rhoda Mullocks in Call the Midwife, with Taylor Marshall, Harmonie-Rose Allen and Ezmai Rhodes-Horne, who appears as Susan.Series 6 of BBC1’s award-winning period drama Call the Midwife concluded last night, which means we can finally let the cat out of the bag!All of our recent fundraising efforts including the sale of JAM JAM Bows and the JAM2000 Eggstraordinary Easter Egg Prize Draw have been in aid of Romeo Hadley, 5, from Cardiff; Harmonie-Rose Allen, 3, from Bath; and 2-year-old Taylor Marshall, who lives in Nottingham – all of whom played Thalidomide victims in the series.Romeo Hadley on the set of Call the MidwifeIn real life, Harmonie-Rose and Taylor have lost limbs through meningitis, while Romeo lost legs after suffering the effects of Purpura Fulminans, an acute, often fatal, thrombotic disorder.Thalidomide was a drug first marketed in the late 1950s as a sleeping pill but was prescribed to help nausea and morning sickness in pregnant women. The medication was later found to harm the development of unborn babies and cause serious birth defects, with over 10,000 children born with Thalidomide-related disabilities worldwide in the early 1960s.The heart-rending story-line was first introduced in Series 5 with the birth of Susan Mullucks, played by JAM2000's very own Ezmai Rhondes-Horne, 2, who is able-bodied.  The Thalidomide theme was re-visited in Episodes 7 and 8 of Series 6.Our fabulous three outside Romeo's trailer's and their families:
from left to right  Jonathan Hadley, Freya Hall with daugther Harmonie-Rose, Katie Hadley with son Romeo, Seren Hadley and
Terri Lewsley with son Taylor Marshall.
Our director, Judy McPhee, has provided hundreds of new born babies and child performers for the hit production for the last four years with most recruited locally.  However, when she was given the brief to find amputee children to play Thalidomide victims, Judy had to cast her net far and wide.Call the Midwife’s production team pulled out all the stops to ensure the three children and their families had a fantastic experience when they travelled to Chertsey, Surrey, last October for costume fittings and filming.  This included enjoying the comfort of their very own trailer, a stone’s throw from those of lead actresses Jenny Agutter, Judy Parfitt, Helen George and Charlotte Ritchie.Judy having fun on the big old fashioned telephone with Harmonie-Rose Allen while waiting in Dr Turner's lounge before filiming on Call the Midwife.Judy said: “When I first received the brief from Production to find children for the Thalidomide storyline, I realised this was no ordinary request and probably a difficult task, requiring a nationwide search with a great deal of sensitivity. That said,
I was determined to make it happen.
"Once we found our fabulous three and started to get to know their families, who quickly became friends, JAM2000 Agency together with the producers, cast and crew made every effort in making this a truly happy and memorable experience for these wonderful children and their families on Call the Midwife. I feel immensely proud and privileged to have been on this amazing journey, one which I will sincerely cherish forever.”Front L to R: Terri Lewsley with son Taylor Marshall, Freya Hall with daughter Harmonie-Rose, Joanne Rhodes, with daughter Ezmai Rhodes-Horne, who plays the part of Susan in Call the Midwife. Back L to R: Judy Mcphee and JAM2000 chaperone Nicola Van Barthold.The Hadley family in Romeo's trailer before filming on Call the Midwife.  Left to right, sister Seren, 11, dad Jonathan, Romeo and mum KatieRomeo’s mum, Katie Hadley, said: “It’s not every day you receive a phone call asking for permission for your child to play a part in one of the nation’s top dramas.  Romeo may have lost his legs, but he is just like any other boy in every other way and was so excited that he was going to be on TV.  We would like to thank Judy, the producers, cast and crew for giving Romeo this wonderful opportunity to turn a negative into a positive and have a lot of fun along the way.”Romeo Hadley in his wheelchair before filiming on Call the MidwifeHarmonie’s mum, Freya Hall, said:“We had the most wonderful experience attending two days of filming for Call the Midwife. Harmonie-Rose had the time of her life! Everyone on set was so warm and friendly, showed us so much compassion and were so helpful lugging all our luggage around the sets - buggies, bags and toys. We will never forget the amazing time we had waiting for our turn to film -  in Dr Turner’s lounge no less!  It was just such a fantastic experience. Thank you so very much!”Gorgeous Harmonie-Rose with playmate TaylorTaylor’s mum, Terri Lewsley, said:“The Call the Midwife experience was amazing. Taylor, myself and Taylor's nana loved every minute of it! Everyone on set was so kind and caring. Thank you to Judy McPhee and all the Call the Midwife team for this fantastic opportunity!"Cheeky chappy Taylor Marshall with mum Terri LewsleyOver the last six months, JAM2000 has been raising money for Romeo, Harmonie-Rose and Taylor to fund crucial items like prosthetics, running blades and wheelchairs.Pretty in pink, Ezmai Rhodes-Horne, who plays Thalidomide victim baby Susan Mullucks in Call the Midwife, modelling a JAM JAM bow.Dubbed JAM JAM bows – a take on the current Jo Jo bow craze - these huge, sparkly bows, each individually made by JAM2000 costume maker Debbie Rosendale, have had all the girls raiding their piggy banks to get their hands on one.Limited edition JAM JAM bowsThe JAM2000 kids and their parents are also in the throes of buying tickets for the ‘JAM2000 Eggstraordinary Easter Egg Prize Draw, with 50+ Easter Egg donations up for grabs.This comes on top of £600 raised during the JAM2000 drama production in October last year from sales of drinks and snacks, ticket sales for the dress rehearsal performance and raffle proceeds – the prizes for which were donated by the performers and their families.Monday 4.30pm JAM2000 drama class eggscited about the Eggstraordinary Easter Egg Prize DrawJudy added:“After meeting Romeo, Harmonie-Rose and Taylor and their families, realising how amazing they are in dealing with unimaginable daily struggles, I was determined that everyone at JAM2000 should rally round to do something to support their fellow performers not only now but in the future as their needs will be ongoing as well as our friendships. I am proud to say that the response from our kids and parents has been absolutely fantastic."From the parents of the three children and everyone at JAM2000, thank you so very very much!”

JAM2000 Agency's
Adorable Ezmai
Here are some more pictures of JAM2000 Agency's adorable Ezmai Rhodes-Horne from South Ruislip, performing as Thalidomide victim Susan Mullucks in Call the Midwife.The shot below of her being held in the arms of on screen mum Rhoda Mullucks, actress Liz White, has attracted nearly half a million likes on the production's Facebook page!Readers of The Sun's newspaper's online edition have also been cooing about how grown up and gorgeous she looks.

JAM2000 Agency Kids
are all over the Tele!
JAM2000 Agency is on a roll. You only have to switch on the box these days to find our kids doing a fantastic job - starting with series 6 of BBC 1's Sunday evening period drama, Call the Midwife.If you tuned in last Sunday, you'd have seen Ava Embleton above centre, with brothers Ryan and Jake Neldrett (and below) and Tommy Beck, who played characters central to a storyline about the horrors of tooth decay in the 1960s.Appearing in the same episode were Jenna Snelgrove and Gavaan Kharbanda, pictured below being shown by the actor dentist how to do a good job of cleaning their pearly whites!Also in on the tooth brushing lesson were Damilare Akinmokun, Hadley Cadogan-Dumrul, Isabel Thomas and Lily Gaffney - see below.Not forgetting gorgeous baby Oscar McGee (above) who made his TV debut on Sunday too! Moving on, below is a picture of a group of our kids in the hilarious BBC3 comedy This Country.  Left to right is Ben Bottomley, Florence Walford- Brianti, Leighton Price, Nik Kozyrev and Louis Walford-Brianti with lead actress Daisy May Cooper.Next we have Charlotte Smith and Aidan Summerfield, pictured below right, who were both absolutely brilliant in an hilarious scene in The Tracey Ullman Show.In the next episode was Charlie John below, front view and back, who also did a fantastic job in another very funny scene.We could go on and on as it's more a case of what JAM2000 Agency is NOT in, rather than what we are in.Well done everyone.  We are immensley proud!GO JAM FAM!

What A Great NightJAM2000 dancers who won £6,000 for Hillingdon Mayor’s Charity Appeal performing in the rain-hit London New Year’s Day Parade 2017 (LNYDP) were formally recognised for their achievement at a special awards ceremony at Uxbridge Civic Centre on Monday evening.Hillingdon Mayor, Cllr John Hensley, presented medals to the 45 performers, whose ages ranged from 6 to 50+, as well as to a small army of volunteers who had helped behind the scenes including council staff, costume makers, float builders, drivers, chaperones, photographers and sponsors.The Mayor didn’t just give out prizes, he was a proud recipient too - of a giant-sized £6,000 cheque, the prize for finishing 5th in the Parade’s London Borough’s competition.LNYDP Executive Director, Robert Bone, presented the cheque together with a huge, golden trophy to Judy McPhee, Director of JAM2000, who produced and choreographed Hillingdon’s movie-inspired entry - in keeping with the Parade’s 2017 theme ‘Lights, Camera, Action’.Judy said: “It was wonderful for everyone that was involved in Hillingdon’s entry to be rewarded for putting on such a fantastic show in such horrendous weather conditions.  The show must go on, as they say, and I’m proud to say that ours did in spectacular style without a single word of complaint from anyone, not even our youngest performers.”Despite it raining on their parade, the JAM2000 cast, did not allow the conditions to dampen their spirits as they sang, danced, waved and smiled for two hours from Green Park to Parliament Square with crowds of over 500,000 cheering them on along the route.They were dressed as characters from some of the biggest and best-known Hollywood classics with the actual Batmobile that was driven by Michael Keaton who played Batman in the 1989 film providing a spectacular centrepiece to Hillingdon’s entry.The JAM2000 performers were among more than 10,000 participants from the USA, UK, Europe and beyond, watched by a TV audience of more than 350 million across the world.Even before the Parade started, JAM2000 had raised £5,000 in sponsorship donations from a number of kind-hearted companies. Other firms contributed by providing building materials for the float, transportation and meeting the hire costs of the Batmobile from the London Motor Museum.Sponsors included Redrow Homes Limited, HUB & Bridges Ventures, Reddingtons Limited, O'Halloran & O'Brien Limited, NHBC, Interserve Construction, Empee Silk Fabrics, Ardmore Group, Marner Transit, Henry Construction, Errigal, MWP Frames, Prolink, LTC Scaffolding, Keenwood Carpentry, Gloster MEP, Metbase Ltd and A Moloney Construction.

Go Adam

DREAMING OF SUMMERYou never know where the journey will take you when you come to JAMtots – our fantastic interactive daytime activity play group centre for parents or childminders with babies & toddlers 0 months – 5 years.For gorgeous Olivia Bedoya and her mum Rebecca Cummings, cute little Archie Clarke and mum Stacy Clark and beautiful Elizabeth Melex and her mum Victoria and dad Ivan Melex, the journey took them from The Windmill Studio Centre all the way to an online commercial for ASDA no less!Stacey and ArchieAs you’ll see from the YouTube link below, the commercial centred round a summer barbecue, and involved filming on a hot sunny day last year with great food, paddling pool and fancy dress costumes. A great, fun-filled time was had by all.Olivia and RebeccaCould your little one go from JAMtots to appearing on TV, film or commercials?  Well, there’s a very good chance they could if you get them involved with JAM2000 Agency, which is always looking for new recruits!!!Ivan, Elizabeth and VictoriaJAM2000 Agency has provided performers for lots of commercials over the years – Talk Talk, Morrisons, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, John Lewis, The Guardian, The Sun and Weetabix…just to mention a few!Here’s the link

Look at these three bright, shining little stars - JAM2000 Agency babies - who will be brightening up our Sunday evenings when the new series of Call the Midwife starts on January 22nd at 8pm on BBC1 for 8 weeks.Series 6 is JAM2000's fourth series and we have literally dozens of babies, toddlers and older children performing this time around.This picture appears on the show's Facebook page - isn't it fantastic? Three such natural performers, who can smile on cue …the babies we mean …and the gorgeous actresses of course!

We're Singing and Dancing in the RainHillingdon performers were singing and dancing in the rain in the movie-themed London New Year’s Day Parade 2017, finishing 5th out of 17 boroughs and scooping £6,000 for the Mayor’s Charity Appeal.Despite it raining on their parade, the 45-strong cast of performers aged from 6 to 50+ from JAM2000 Performing Arts, Ruislip Manor, did not allow the conditions to dampen their spirits as they sang, danced, waved and smiled for two hours from Green Park to Parliament Square with crowds of over 500,000 cheering them on along the route.The performers were dressed as characters from some of the biggest and best-known Hollywood classics with the actual Batmobile that was driven by Michael Keaton who played Batman in the 1989 film providing a spectacular centrepiece to Hillingdon’s entry.Called ‘Hillingdon Boulevard’, the borough’s entry included Batman characters Batman, Robin, Mr Freeze, Penguin, Joker and Catwoman.  A group of little girls played Keystone Cops with older girls portraying the likes of Ginger Rogers, The Matrix and tango-dancing Hollywood showgirls.There were also four characters from The Wizard of Oz – Dorothy (and Toto), Tin Man, Scarecrow and Lion. Little orphan Annie made an appearance, as did The Blues Brothers together with characters from Chicago.Among the stars of Hillingdon’s entry were the Maitre d’ and gorilla from Cabaret, with music from the 1972 classic movie accompanying Hillingdon’s action-packed end of parade showpiece, choreographed and directed by JAM2000 director, Judy McPhee.The JAM2000 performers were among more than 10,000 participants from the USA, UK, Europe and beyond, watched by a TV audience of more than 300 million across the world.Hillingdon’s entry was a real family affair, with Judy’s husband, Gordon McPhee, having designed and hand-built Hillingdon’s incredible film-themed float from the garage of their home in Ruislip. The costumes were individually designed and hand-sewn by a talented team of dressmakers from in and around the Ruislip area.It was 5th time JAM2000 has represented Hillingdon in the Parade’s Best London Borough Competition. Although they were unable to retain their 2016 winners’ title, Judy was full of praise for her performers, many of whom were under 10 years of age and like true pros did not complain once about being wet and cold.Judy said:  “We may not have come first and we won’t be bringing the winners’ trophy back to Hillingdon this year, but as far as I am concerned we were definite winners. I couldn’t be more proud of my team for performing so brilliantly for such a long time in very difficult conditions and winning £6,000 for local charities.”Hillingdon Mayor Cllr John Hensley said:  “I would like to thank the JAM2000 Army that did so well in the appalling weather conditions bearing in mind many of them were of such a young age. They all are a credit to Judy and Hillingdon.  I am so glad JAM2000 were there to represent Hillingdon. The charities will now all benefit from their hard and dedicated work winning £6,000.”Even before the Parade started, JAM2000 had raised £5,000 in sponsorship donations from a number of kind-hearted companies.Other firms contributed by providing building materials for the float, transportation and meeting the hire costs of the Batmobile from the London Motor Museum.

Photography courtesy of Louie Donovan Photography