Please read all the information below

These must be adhered to at all times whilst working at


All the documents listed below must be completed and filed before your hire agreement commences:

  • Registration Form
  • Copies of Public Liability or Business Indemnity (if required in order to practice)
  • Copies of necessary Qualifications (this only applies to therapists, instructors, consultants or similar where qualifications are required to practice or instruct)
  • Copies of any Licences required to Practice
  • Hire registration and Service Fee form

Car Parking

We do have ample parking facilities in the public car park to the rear of The Windmill Studio Centre. Please note that if you are a Hillingdon Borough Resident, you are able to park at a discounted price to those outside the Borough. Full details can be given upon request. After 18:00 hours and all day Sunday this car park is free.

Please be aware that Traffic Wardens are active in this area and it is the individual’s responsibility to ensure they have  a valid ticket for their stay. The Windmill Studio Centre will not accept liability for parking tickets issued by The London Borough of Hillingdon.

All Hire Costs

All rooms and studios must be hired for a minimum of one hour with half hour hire availability from thereon.

Services Included in Room Costs

  • Professional reception service
  • Use of reception waiting area
  • Use of washroom & toilets
  • Use of water cooler in public access ways
  • Internet
  • Sound system if required
  • Further Services Included in Hire Registration Fee (payable upon registration)
  • Receptionist on duty at all times to meet and greet your clients
  • Monday to Thursday 9 am – 10 pm Friday 9 am to 7 pm
  • Saturday 9 am – 6 pm
  • Internet upon request
  • Passing on new client leads
  • Website listing and pop up page on within the Windmill Studio website. This includes simple design entry from copy and logos provided. Client is responsible for proof reading. Once approved and live, any alterations or new information added will incur an extra cost.
  • Leaflet display in
  • Couch rolls
  • Towels (inclusive of laundry service)
  • Pillow & pillow cases (inclusive of laundry service)
  • Bed covers (inclusive of laundry service)
  • CD Player
  • Candle holders (all candles must be provided by therapists and removed safely)
  • Tissues
  • Standing lamp
  • Locker facilities are available but limited. These are charged at £10 extra per year. This will enable you to keep any personal or business items safe and secure in this building at all times.

Extras Available (charged individually)

  • Meeting and Conference Rooms
  • Dance Studios
  • Consultancy Rooms
  • Therapy Rooms
  • Interview Rooms
  • Diary Management
  • Catering and Refreshments
  • Secretarial Services
  • Mail Handling
  • Photocopying
  • Stationery

Please feel free to ask for anything that is not listed and we will happily accommodate where possible.

When booking, confirmation of your requirements must be sent to us via email to:, prior to your Hire Period commencing. If a regular customer, this will be noted on file.

Cancellation Policy

Dance Studios

All courses are payable in advance and no refund will be given for whatever reason a session or course is cancelled by the Hirer. Therefore courses must be booked by email confirming all dates and times.

Those hiring one off sessions, in any of our dance studios, will be charged in full unless 24 hours notice is given by email. Hirer’s are welcome to call, however all cancellations must be given in writing by email to: will respond via email concerning any cancellations.

Meeting Rooms

Payable daily (or weekly if a block session is booked and has been pre-arranged with

For cancellations - 24 hours notice must be given on all meeting rooms otherwise full payment will be required.

Meetings that include breakfast, brunches and lunches must have 48 hours notice, otherwise 50% of the cost will be charged.

All cancellations must be given in writing by email to: which will then be responded to via email for your records. Any cancellation fee incurred will be detailed via invoice and payment will be due immediately.

Treatment / Consultancy Rooms

Daily rates are available. Weekly rates are also available, if a block session is booked.

For cancellations - 24 hours notice must be given on all treatment / consultancy room’s otherwise full payment will be required.

All cancellations must be given in writing by email to: which will then be responded to via email for your records. Any cancellation fee incurred will be detailed via invoice and payment will be due immediately.

Room Set – Up/Set - Down

Here at we have many rooms and services available. This includes simply hiring a room to full set up and refreshments.

All requirements must be confirmed via email at least 48 hours before your hire period commences to: Your email will then be passed on to the correct member of staff who will confirm your full requirements. A Booking Confirmation will then be sent to you.

Should you require a room only, without any other service provided by, it is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure set-up and set-down is in place. We will, however, ensure the items that you have requested are available in the Hirer’s room ready for you to set out.


You must arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your hire period to ensure the room is set up adequately, if this has been arranged, and to welcome your students, clients or colleagues. You are also permitted 10 minutes after your hire period to clear, tidy away and leave the room as it was found. All rubbish must be placed in bins provided. It is the Hirer’s responsibility to make sure these requests are adhered to.

If the Hirer requires any room or studio more than 10 minutes to set up or set - down, this must then be included in  the Hire Period due to other Hirer’s requirement times. Should extra time be required, and if possible, the Hirer will be charged per extra half an hour thereon. The Hirer must let the receptionist on duty know, so adequate arrangements can be made. However, if extra time could not be guaranteed, will endeavour to provide an alternative room where possible.

Dress Code

Here at we pride ourselves on our professional image; therefore we encourage all our clients’ to dress appropriately to suit their profession and would prefer a ‘no jeans’ policy.


On arrival of all clients, students or colleagues – the receptionist will inform them to take a seat in the waiting area until they are collected. Should you require anything different, please advise the receptionist on duty.

Under no circumstances will anyone be permitted to enter a treatment room, studio or meeting room without their instructor, teacher, therapist or lead colleague.

Visitor Log

All guests to must sign in and out of the building. This includes every time you enter and leave the building for whatever reason throughout the day.

Fire Precautions

It is the Hirer’s responsibility to ensure their client, student, guest or colleague is fully aware of the Fire Exits in case of an emergency. Fire Exits are clearly marked and the Fire Evacuation Assembly Point is located behind the building in the Public Car Park.

Heat Sources

We can appreciate that some therapies are enhanced when candles are burning, however these must be used with the utmost level of care. Appropriate candle stands are available to borrow from reception. We do not permit any heat source to be used directly onto any furniture or equipment we have in our rooms. Any of these heat sources MUST NOT be left unattended at any time.


Duty of Care

Practitioners have a legal obligation requiring them to adhere to a standard of reasonable care concerning heat sources while performing any acts that could foreseeably harm others. Fire safety is included under this obligation.

Condition of Hired Room

All rooms that are available to hire are cleaned every day. They will all be equipped with furniture suitable for your hiring purposes. They will be supplied in a good order and must be left as found. Any damages made whilst in a hire period must be reported to the receptionist on duty immediately and charges may be made if deemed necessary. All furniture, fixtures, fittings, equipment or goods that have been supplied must be left in the room, unless otherwise agreed or stated.

We will always endeavour to equip each room to your requirements, but this must be confirmed by email at least 48 hours to your hire period commencing.

Electrical Equipment

Any electrical equipment which is bought into the building and used here at must be PAT Tested annually which is your responsibility and you must be able to show a valid PAT Test Certificate.  If this is something you would like us to arrange on your behalf then you will incur an extra cost which we will quote

for. Without a PAT Tested certification on any electrical equipment you have provided yourselves, means the equipment cannot be used here at

Special Conditions

Please be aware, even if your room hire is on a regular weekly basis i.e. Monday to Friday, 9 am-5 pm, is within its rights to hire any room out to other clients’ outside of the Hirer’s contracted hours and all rooms must be left clear for this purpose.

Access ways is a busy workplace, so our reception area and all access ways must be kept clear as Health

& Safety precautions must be adhered to at all times.


Please refrain from making any undue noise whilst in the building. We do have a number of therapies that require a level of quietness. Whilst walking through the access ways, please ensure you respect this and others using the building.

Lost or Stolen Property

As much as we endeavour to keep this venue secure at all times, we are not liable for any lost or stolen property during your stay with us. All personal items must be removed from the building after your Hire Period, unless otherwise arranged.