Chaperones and Tutors

Look no further, JAM2000 Agency has some of the most professional, experienced and amenable chaperones and tutors in the business.

They understand your world and what’s expected of them whilst on set.  They’ve each been trained and vetted by JAM2000 Agency with many having worked on some of the most prestigious TV and film productions in the UK and internationally.

Our chaperones and tutors perform their role to the highest standard and are friendly, accommodating and easy to get along with at the same time.

Brashna Agha, 2nd Assistant Director, Suspicion and Obsessions, says:

“JAM2000 chaperones are selected not only for their true professionalism and obvious care for the children, but also on the basis that they understand how a production works.”

We are able to provide chaperones and tutors for JAM2000 Agency performers as well as other productions that need our services.

JAM2000 Agency is well known for being quick, efficient and reliable.  Once booked and confirmed, you can count on us to deliver. We are also very good at delivering at short notice – so don’t panic, just give us a call, however late in the day – we’re usually in the office till late!

Our chaperones travel with performers to and from the filming location, removing the need for parents to be involved, which works well for everyone.

Our rates are competitive and JAM2000 Agency will invoice on behalf of the chaperone or tutor, reducing paperwork and keeping things simple.

Choose JAM2000 Agency for chaperones and tutors!

Photography courtesy of Louie Donovan Photography